Released 50% Discount Promo Code : First50

Before few days has been launched. They are focusing now only on WordPress Themes, free and premium. On the first of every month we release one premium wordpress theme that is sold during that month for only $15. When the monds end a new theme is released and the price for the current growes to $30. For the free content we don’t have an exact timeline, but we try to keep a minimum average of two free wordpress themes released per month. That’s why named” One Theme Per Month“= Per Month One Premium Theme.

How one theme per month works?

On the 1st of every month OneThemePerMonth release one premium wordpress theme. The theme is sold during that month for only $15! When the month is over the price grows to $30 and a new theme comes.

The first official month of has come.

50% for first 50 is the first offer here on OneThemePerMonth So, our first 50 clients are able to buy their themes with a discount of 50% using the coupon first50. And they are talking about clients, because a single client is able to buy 2 themes, or 3 or how many there will be.

How to use this coupon?

1. Surf to WordPress Themes page, choose a theme that you like, the licence that you like and press the purchase button. You will arrive to the e-junkie shopping cart.

2. Enter the discount code (first50) into the “Discount Code” field, the cart will be updated automatlly after the payment is done.

How long I will be able to use this coupon?

If you are one of the our first 50 buyers you will be able to use this coupon for ever. All themes that will come, and we guarantee a premium theme per month will be discounted for you.

OneThemePerMonth over! Now changed to the 13Styles, Check their 13Styles wordpress themes.