WordPress CMS-Style Theme : iNews-v2

iNews-v2 is a CMS-Style WordPress theme, without plugins, Blue blackgrand. It is design by a Chinese blogger  Dickey .

Use Information:

1) at the top of the multi-language navigation bar: the need to manually edit files modified language.js

Google translation of the use of small tools, extract part of the code language into flat-panel navigation bar, and made some optimization. Parameters of which are points which need to be translated? I have been the subject of temporary package www.google.com (Google translation is Home), the use of editorial changes before language.js documents www.google.com all quantities replaced by your own domain name (only domain name ) can be.

2) Home-style picture of the slide change: pictures and links to documents in the control of slider.php

This is a study comparing the number of slide-style picture after the decision to transform the effect of non-use of Flash, non-external call JS, Comparison of integrated and easy-to-use, a total of five picture transform display, use only need to edit the slider.php No. 3 to No. 7 line, which links to the address (default is #) and the picture you need to change the address of the corresponding address, no changes elsewhere.

 3) Home call the 12 categories: editorial index.php file, manually set the ID of the Category

Can be seen when you use (or look at the demo station) page shows a total of 12 call categories, including four small banners interspersed picture, they were divided into six regions, each region showed that the two classifications, but also is the index.php file in the array (1,1), the default theme is “1”, id = 1 on behalf of all the classification, based on preferences and needs, and values into 12 different categories of id.

 In addition, if you do not need those four small banners, you can change the code more concise code can be deleted by 6 array (1,1) into two array (1,1,1,1, 1,1), which is about six categories of the show. (If you are not familiar with the proposal to amend the previous backup you)

 Advertising Management

In order to manage your ad code, all advertising through loading the corresponding file to be achieved, Modify the contents of certain advertising, please use the ad code that corresponds to completely replace the advertising content of the document.]

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