Why the English site pagerank is high

I am a Chinese, Chinese is my mother language.Most of the website is English, in the recently years, chinese websites are creasing very quickly.But the pagerank of chinese websites are very low till September 27th, after this day chinese websites have a pagerank of 10.The site is ‘www.miit.gov.cn’. It is a site of China goverment.

In my opinion, the most important of a site is its content. A site, if all the conents are original post ,the pagerank of it can be higher.
I have a site which was built on september 12th, all the conents of the site are original post. It has only 20 backlinks, but the pagerank of it is 4. Another site pf mine which most of all the conents are
copied oters, it has 70 backlinks, but the pagerank of it is only 2.
From this ,we can see that the most important of a site is original post. Many Chinse sites are copied other’s, this lead their pagerank small. Backlins are important,but backlinks in google are very few.
This is my opinion, if it is wrong ,please point.Thanks.
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