Google Android landing challenges the position of Windows

Google Android mobile phone operating system market into the next year is expected to visit the laptop to challenge Microsoft’s monopoly position. Android will be Google and Microsoft’s a big competitive battleground. “Expected in the next 12-18 months will be the use of Android’s PC.

Google in Internet search areas has accelerated the pace of competition with Microsoft. Android mobile phone software has been launched with Microsoft fighting, drive straight into the PC is no different from Microsoft nest. Microsoft in the PC operating system market share of more than 90%. 

Google will not admit whether or not to Android landing computer systems. Google spokeswoman Carolyn Penner in an e-mail said: “We all can use the Android platform can add the code or download the software to create mobile applications software, not subject to any restriction. ”

Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Acer 3上网the manufacturers do not have the company’s launch of Android上网this comment.  Google wants to get a firm foothold in the computer operating system, required in commercial applications on the market to gain more market share. Although Google also offers word, spreadsheets and other network business applications, but did not shake the Microsoft Office software, the absolute advantage.

Gartner analyst Leslie said that if Google’s applications to replace these networks to support Windows applications, Android Internet this will be great success, Google’s Android landing ordinary PC is just around the corner thin