Make More Money with WidgetBucks Referral Program

Want to make some exta cash without any efforts? Join WidgetBucks and use their affiliate program. WidgetBucks: PPC and CPM Advertising Network. Why? Because, recently WidgetBucks updated its referral program rate to 15 percent, which is valid for full 12 months after the new member joins. It means with WidgetBucks’ Referral program, you can get 15 percent of commissions earned by each publisher you refer, for one complete year. The referral payout will be made monthly along with your normal commission payment, which you may have earned by displaying their ads.

To help affiliates, WidgetBucks have a “Referral Tools” section, which you can access after you login. In that section, you will find 20 ad creatives of different sizes, along with easy embed codes. Recently, those banner ads received a makeover and now they looks clean and fresh. Take a look at the example below.

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For your information, WidgetBucks is one of the leading ad networks, which was founded in October 2007. WidgetBucks not only helps thousands of publishers, but also thousands of bloggers, to maximize their site earnings through advertising widgets. WidgetBucks uses a proprietary technology called YieldSense™, which automatically decides and displays the highest-yielding product widgets. It ensures that your eCPM is always high and earn more revenue. Join WidgetBucks today.