AcosminTECH – Free WordPress Theme

AcosminTECH is a  free  WordPress Theme from Acosmin, He designs premium wordpress themes. Now the acosminTECH available for free download and personal use.




  • Two sidebars – one with a width of 300px and the other with a width of 125px.
  • SiFR – after thinking a while I came to the conclusion that using sifr for the headings in the sidebars are the perfect solution, because anyone can edit them.
  • AD spots – all types.
  • Widget ready – yes, this wordpress theme is widgets ready, both sidebars are compatible.
  • Included PSD file – for the logo. Just save it as a png file with transparency and it should be fine.
  • Gravatars – for comments.
  • Tags – only in the article and you can add a tagcloud in the 300px sidebar.
  • Navigation – I know there are only three buttons “home, about, contact” (not enough space) but I’ve included in the 125px sidebar the rest of the links for the pages …
  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • No sponsored links or things like that so please leave my links intact.

Download AcosminTECH WordPress Theme