SponsoredReviews Announcing LinkSets for Advertisers

SponsoredReviews announce the launch of our newest feature LinkSets. LinkSets allow you to create an unlimited number of URL/Link Text combinations inside of your opportunities. The LinkSets system will then automatically handle assigning those links to bloggers as you purchase reviews.

LinkSets will allow you to do the following:

  • Easily Build Links to Dozens/Hundreds of URL’s on your site
  • Easily rotate though Link Text in order to focus on more keywords
  • Build a specific number of Links to a given URL or Link Text automatically
  • Manually assign a blogger a specific LinkSet. This is especially useful for aligning your Links to the specific subject matter of particular blogger

If you haven’t used our system in a while your missing out. We have been busy adding new features and tons of new bloggers.

  • Over 23,000 Registered Bloggers ready to Link to your Sites!
  • New Filters to Quickly find the Best Bloggers, including: Google Pagerank, Google Cache, Compete Estimated Traffic, Yahoo Backlinks, Country etc.. etc..
  • New Favoriting and Tagging system Helps you find your favorite bloggers quickly.
  • Over 10,000 user ratings to help you find the best blogs