Ask2link – Make Money From Your Blog Sites

As we all know, Selling advertising space on your website allows you to generate additional revenue, Like Make Money Online With Performancing Ads, But do you know about the Ask2link’s text link ads, you will not annoy your visitors with obnoxious banner/graphic ads. And you don’t have to worry about CPM, CPC, or others since the prices are flat rate per month.

After and I signed up as a publisher with Ask2link, your site will be confidentially listed in their text links inventory. For the size of the real-estate, Text Links provide you with the highest ad revenue per area. With, you can generate additional revenue from your web site with no additional effort. You may sell text advertisement even if you already have other text link ads (like BackLinks. linkadages, or contextually served ads such as Linkxl and Inlinks. This allows you to maximize the total revenue generated by your web site.

You will have the ability to approve and reject the types of text links advertisements which appear on your website by approving the categories you want.

Ask2link support websites and blogs in various programming languages:

  • PHP
  • WordPress-powered Blogs
  • ASP
  • Ruby-on-Rails
  • JSP
  • Blogs
  • Blogs
  • Plain RSS integration

Why Sell Text Links?

  • Links pay very well for the amount of real estate space they take up.
  • Text links ads are non-intrusive and will not annoy your visitors.
  • You can get steady monthly income that does not fluctuate according to your traffic.
  • Get better monetization from your blog or website.
  • No work needed with our automated system.

Paychecks Through paypal account.

Ask2link keep things simple and send paychecks to your our paypal account. You get paid through PayPal, with the minimum payout being $10.00 . You could live anywhere in the world, but you will need a our paypal account. to receive your paychecks.

With, you have the ability to monetize your site and set your own prices. We offer fully automated system for buying text links ads, ad serving, and payment processing, taking the hassle out of accepting payments, hosting text link ads, and making the process as convenient as possible for you.

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