Really Tips Did Your Traffic Building

Almost everyone who launches a blog wants to see traffic right away. if you have done your research you will see that that unless you buy a blog from someone which is already established it takes time and patience to really get your blog visible. A blog is like any other website, it requires a great deal of marketing efforts to really see traffic building. There are things you can to do speed up the process but you have to be very proactive.

1. Appearance: You don’t want your blog to look like everyone elses. I’m not saying to spend your whole budget on design but a little customization will decrease your bounce rate and get people to stay longer and read more.

2. Write Often: You have to write almost everyday, write anything. Even if your post can only be 5 sentences long just write as much as possible because this is who you will increase your odds of traffic coming into your blog through various blog posts. A blog is a journal so feed it with as much content as possible.

3. Use Photos: Putting a photo with each blog post will keep visiting. Nobody wants to just look at text, it just is not that much fun to look at. Putting images will get web traffic coming in from image search as well as long as you put an image tag.

4. Coding: This is a very simple change that can be done that will change the way your blog post index greatly. By changing the setting for your blog post titles so that instead of the url for that blog post being a series of numbers to the actual title of the blog post will allow your blog post to rank much better with in the search engines. You can then implement the use of some popular keywords strategically into the titles of your posts.

5. Links: Search online for a list of the top blog directories and get your blog listed in all the top blog directories. This will not only help by building more ways to your blog but the links left behind in the directories will aid in your link building strategy. Remember you must build up your quality one way links to your blog in order to get it ranking for your chosen audience and keywords.


  1. Thank you for your article. On my opinion there two main factors that can help drive traffic to a blog: links an content. A regularly updated blog draws the reader’s attention. So, it’s necessary to post new interesting articles as often as possible. And secondly, links are of a great importance too. Quality backlinks will drive traffic to the blog and help get a high ranking in search engines.

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