DeepBlue Themes- Premium Content Style WordPress Theme

DeepBlue is a premium “content-based style” WordPress theme created for sites with a lot of content, and looking to maximize their sites monetary revenue. DeepBlue wordpress theme is a multi-column theme, which has a unique, but user-friendly interface. Deepblue theme features many special treats such as customized author pages, user avatars, featured articles, customized category and search results, and much more. 

DeepBlue wordpress theme even includes a bbpress forum theme! This theme requires more modification then the rest of the themes at WTM, and is recommended for users with WordPress template experience.

Deep blue theme

DeepBlue Themes Features: 

  • Valid, Compatible, Code.:Tidy, well documented code is at the foundation of every premium theme produced at WTM. Each theme is 100% Valid XHTML/CSS and is ready for easy modification.
  • Plugin Ready: WTM premium themes come ready-made for the most popular wordpress plugins. Popular posts, related posts, post-thumbnails, and more.
  • Widget Ready:Fancy the use of widgets in your blog? WTM themes are all made widget-ready to take advantage of the wordpress widget engine. Drag, drop, beautifull.
  • Monetization Optimized: WTM themes are monetization optimized out of the box. Each theme has placeholder locations for visual and text ad’s from your advertisers. These placeholders can be removed, just as easily as utilized.
  • Free Install Support:Love the themes but not sure how to actually get it working on your blog? Free hands-on install support is included with every purchase. This includes the upload and activation of the theme and plugins.
  • Free Updates Forever: With open source software like WordPress, staying up to date is very important. All WTM themes are updated to stay compatible with the latest releases of WordPress, and updates are free