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Now more and more people begin to blog like me to make money blogging, and my blog has a lot of visitors a day, so I think blog is really a good place for make money. I find the PayingPost before tow weeks on Google adsense ads, It’s one Advertising Network of the write Sponsor Reviews, It’s say : Pay money for you to write post with paying post! When i go to the site, I know what  type about the blog advertising!

Payingpost pays for write Sponsor Reviews. They are focused on improving the quality of content for advertisers and bloggers, direct recommendations or feedback by bloggers( like me! ) create more value and visibility for your services or products. Advertisers are willing to pay you for your opinion on various topics about their Products, Including people’s products, services and websites on your blog and so on! or want to improve traffic and search engine optimization with their sites!

How it works

As I told you above, you grab an opportunity and then write your own post and get paid. But before you get started on PayingPost, your blog(s) must meet these requirements.

  • Your blog(s) must be English language or such other language as is identified in the particular Opportunity. .
  • Your blog(s) must be older than 3 months(90DAYS).
  • Your blog(s) must be at least twenty (20) pre-existing posts written in the 90 days prior
  • Your blog(s) must be Blogs with more than one contributor/author
  • Your blog(s) must be The blog must contain original editorial content in addition to Opportunity-related or other paid posts.
  • Your blog(s) must be Blogs must not include nofollow tags in the robots meta tags

About Payment:

As long as your paid post got approved, you will be paid currently by Paypal , Important: When your total unpaid earnings reach $50, we’ll send you a payment on the 1rst of the next month. For example, if your total unpaid earnings reached $50 during November we would send you a payment on December 1. If your total unpaid earnings haven’t yet reached $50, they’ll roll over to the next month and accrue until they meet the $50 threshold. All bloggers are paid via Paypal. Sign up with payingpost and get paid to post now.

SIGN up and start to make money with Payingpost!


  1. […] Payingpost.com是去年11月17号兴起的一家付费评论广告商,也就是常说的话题广告商,写个文章就可以到手几至几十美元,payingpost本来只接受英文博客,只有我的英文博客上在推广(看这里),我注册的很早,是该网站成立后的第70个博客主,从开始注册到现在也只写过2个文章,广告话题不是很多,价格不高。由于参加的人数还不多的缘故吧!前两天,Payingpost给我来信说,我的中文博客LOVEBLOGEARN被接受了,邮件同时说明,他们现在起也开始接受中文博客了。:) 这以改革对于我们中文博客来说,无疑是一个喜讯。 […]