So dynamic desktop wallpaper software

We know that the Windows Vista operating system can use the tool Dreamscene, the video screen saver or desktop background as a dynamic, but so far most people still use Windows XP, then XP, is there any way to do so below it? The answer is so.

Find “free” high quality 3D animated video wallpapers (*.wmv) on for your Windows DreamScene™ and transform your desktop into a new world of motion. Screen2Dream is a software that can speed up your favorite screen saver set to desktop wallpaper, XP and Vista could be the following!


Screen2Dream  is a portable&Green software, no installation, after the start list will be automatically displayed inside your machine to install the screensaver which, select one and click on the green triangle to start! After the start, you will find that the desktop background The screen, very smooth! Desktop software at this time all the fast transfer of all the icons, right-click on the taskbar on the right side of the Screen2Dream system tray icon to see all the desktop icon menu. 

but Screen2Dream is not  very perfect, I remember that the effects WinAMP can be displayed in full-screen animation when the top is still playing up the desktop icon, Screen2Dream not been able to do this, there is only Screen2Dream identify the system32 folder below the screen , To install windows in the following folder not included in the list box, but you can manually copy.

Dnowload: Screen2Dream – Run your ScreenSaver as Wallpaper