Remote Monitoring-Symantec pcAnywhere v12.5

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 is the world’s leading remote control solution. Take advantage of this solution, users can quickly and effectively manage computer technical support to resolve problems with remote devices to connect more simple and more secure. New features include smart card authentication and local support for the white board, while continuing to enable remote users to find, connect to, and control the hosts they need.

The main function:

  • GUI to simplify and improve the connectivity options.
  • Provides excellent features: the protection of remote control, file transfer, Native Command Queuing, remote management, rapid deployment, as well as connections.
  • To provide a safe, efficient and flexible remote management and troubleshooting can be quickly restored to the user to correct errors and to reduce the time required to solve the problem.
  • Provides local and remote device management functions, so that you can step up to the entire IT infrastructure to control the intensity and scope.

The main advantage :

  •  Easy-to-use and simplify connection with the operation, with a wider platform for long-range support.
  •  Even if the use of routers and firewalls, can also easily connect to any desktop or server.
  •  With certified remote control and multi-layer security protection and reduce safety violations.
  •  Comprehensive remote management capabilities of many frequently asked questions can be resolved without the need for full remote control session.

Support the latest operating system platform:

pcAnywhere continue to support the wide range of the latest version of the operating system. You can connect to run Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Universal, or Microsoft Pocket PC computers, and manage. The latest version of Windows, including Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Mac OS X 10.5.

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