OpenOffice popular than Google Docs nearly 5-fold

OpenOffice is both a product and an open-source project. Both have been in existence since October 13, 2000. 1.0, the product, was released on April 30, 2002. WhicH is an integrated software, there are powerful features charts as well as the preparation of the page, you can make very difficult to deal with MS Office in mathematical symbols and so on, the support of XML, Microsoft’s doc, Excel, ppt files. ..

Ballmer has said frankly that “Google Docs is too rough, OpenOffice is a threat.” According to a separate report, OpenOffice popular than Google Docs nearly 5-fold. This is based on the year in May to November, 2400 adult Internet users have been the result of the investigation. OpenOffice than Microsoft’s popular office nearly 10 times.

But Microsoft also hope that he’s Office Web can be for lead To this end it will release Monday Exchange Online and SharePoint Online products of the two, of course, we believe that will not stand idly by. The latest version of 3.0 in the first week of release caused no small sensation downloads more than 3,000,000. After one month it has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times.

Also another open source of course of Softmaker Office is great potential too, he’s the biggest advantage is simplicity and speed (for netbook), it can be installed on USB flash memory devices.

Which do you like the best? Tell me. 🙂