KMPlayer’s new generation of original works PotPlayer.1.3.16999

PotPlayer is a network of Daum’s players have their own independent copyright, not by the original Mr. Jiang Longxi, KMPlayer by the original author of the independent development of the follow-up. Current (1428 or later) KMPlayer by the team responsible for the collective Pandora.TV Because the development of the same developers PotPlayer into the natural KMPlayer part of the essence.

KMPlayer is PotPlayer the original producers of Mr. Jiang Longxi Daum into the company’s new generation of works, is currently in full development. PotPlayer using VC + + compiler, KMPlayer to compile Delphi process.

KMPlayer current strength because of a lack of development at a standstill, if not get the support of the original authors believe that after almost impossible to have the substance of the major update With the constant improvement PotPlayer replace KMPlayer may be inevitable. Strength will tell everything. PotPlayer player is free. Online viewing on-demand services will be a period of 20 seconds of advertising.

Major features:

 MPEG1 / 2 (IDCT / MoComp), WMV2 (MoComp), WMV3 (IDCT / MoComp)

 VC-1 (IDCT / MoComp / VLD), H.264/AVC1 (VLD) built-in hardware-accelerated decode

 E_AC3 built-in audio decoder.

H264 VC1 TS player, and so on, as long as the settings using the built-in hardware solution can be a smooth solution of hardware, not the other decoder. 

 Right on the main screen by -> Options parameters -> field in the first conventional -> Check for Updates automatically be canceled!

Open Solutions Hard mode:

 Right on the main screen by -> parameters option> to play in the second column -> filter down to see decoder -> out a new window, see the video playing in the third column -> down to see the built-in DXVA Decoder settings -> out a new window, use, always choose to use.

Download here:

PotPlayer.1.3.16999.0.MINI for the latest version of the pure player; PotPlayer.1.3.16999.0.chs includes a real-time video chat on-line, full version; resources based on the simplified language version 1.3.16607 PotPlayer . dll is the latest official version 1.3.16999 (Nov. 4).