Samsung start to use AMD notebook platform

Today, Intel has been on the “loyalty” of Samsung Electronics, recently introduced to China market, the two platforms using AMD PUMA notebook R503 and R505.

AMD is by virtue of the new “high-definition video” and “games” as a selling point of the PUMA platform in the notebook market with Intel to start hand-to-hand. Mid-October, there have been rumors in the industry, Samsung will introduce the use AMD’s notebook platform. By the end of October in the Samsung using AMD’s notebook platform has already begun in some cities Distribution, has been available on the market, the R503 and R505 propaganda article also seen the beginning of the network. PUMA is the introduction of AMD’s notebook platform, which includes processors, chipsets, graphics card, such as wireless communications module, similar to the consumers of Intel’s Centrino familiar. Intel’s Centrino notebook platform is mostly provided by the integrated graphics, show less effect of the independent high-end graphics cards, so, AMD will be “high-definition video” and “3D games,” PUMA as the biggest selling point, AMD said PUMA game performance Intel’s product is three times higher.

Samsung introduced the PUMA notebook, was extremely low key, not the product release, there is no large-scale publicity for their products have arrived at the beginning of sales channels.

But when i use Yahoo and Google search in English, in addition to the Chinese market, the German market has started selling R505 now, for the price of 680 euros, in other countries is not clear whether the temporary sales.