Baidu Launched C2C online trading “YouA”

baidu you a

baidu you a

Yesterday, Baidu’s Internet trading platform YouAbeat.( launched, Also Baidu’s online payment service Baifubao(  launched. So far,  Baidu into the most in the field of e-commerce .

News: 60,000 online users have been able to sell goods on “Youa”. Despite YouA(BEAT) just launched online for a litte time. but Baidu “YouA” to provide consumers with a huge choice of shopping space. According to statistics, the first entry of the 10,000 businesses registered have uploaded more than 1,000,000, covering digital, fashion, life, and so on a number of categories. 

Why so many businesses registered? I think it’s by tow sides.

Frist: Baidu’s strong brand appeal , Second: Pre-shop trade promotion activities, before Baidu has rade promotion activities in Beijing, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and Shanghai and so on, which e-commerce is relatively well-developed cities.

However, Baidu did not disclose the duration of the online, but the Baidu CEO Robin Li said, “Baidu’s e-commerce platform YouA (not beat)will be online before the end of the year.” Prior to this new product based on Baidu’s consistent strategy, as well as the capital market to give the pressure Baidu “ah” an official release do not need to have to wait too long, the Chinese C2C competition will become more intense.


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