Baidu C2C VS Taobao

Since Baidu launch its C2C service , actually the war between Baidu and Taobao has begun already. Taobao has blocked Baidu spiders to crawl. Now Baidu released a tool for Baidu C2C’s users, which can help them to export all items data from their shops on other C2C platform, of course, mainly from Taobao, and upload to Baidu’s platform. It just take several minutes. It significantly reduce the cost for a big seller to try Baidu’s platform. The sellers have built their sales records and credit points on Taobao for years, maybe Baidu will also acknowledge sellers’ credit points on Taoba. Baidu has a online payment service Baifubao.

Taobao, the biggest C2C/B2C service of China, an Alibaba company, Google Trends can also approve it has which just launched personal portal called iTaobao. If you have added any friends in Taobao, you will be able to have a glance of their latest favorite goods. What it really does is to recommend goods and stores to users according to their browsing and purchasing history. The main section of the page shows 8 recommended goods for you. You will be able to filter the result via 5 category. This way you will get more focused 8 recommendation for specific category. Below that, it recommends 4 stores for you with their latest 4 listed goods. He has a online payment service is Alipay(zhifubao).


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