Russia Will Sell iPhone 8G on October 3

The Russian part main electrical appliances and the Mobile Phone retail merchant Friday indicated that will start on October 3 in Russia to sell the iPhone handset, the goal sells 150,000 by the end of this year. $923.6 per iPhone 8G gathers.

Russian electrical appliances chain-like retail merchant Tekhnosila public relations department inspector general Nadezhda Senyuk indicated: “with each greatly mainly sells the field to be the same, we early in the morning will also start on October 3 to sell the iPhone handset.”The Tekhnosila competitor, Russian Only Going on the market Electric appliance Chain store as well as Russian biggest electrical appliances retail merchant Eldorado as well as also separately indicated that will start from October 3 to sell 3G the version iPhone handset.

Eldorado estimated that by the end of this year, the iPhone handset domestic sells 150,000 hopefully in Russia. And, this company plans sells 15,000. other, price aspect 8G the capacity iPhone selling price is 22999 rubles (is approximately equal to 923.6 US dollars); the 16G capacity selling price is 26999 rubles (is approximately equal to 1084 US dollars). before this, Russia three big moved operator MTS, Vimpelcom, MegaFon to reach the iPhone sales agreement with the apple, at present started to accept the reservation.