12 WordPress SEO Plugins to Optimize Your Business Blog

WordPress is a very well search engine optimized blogging platform. We tall want our blogs can appear #1 in the search engine, but how to optimize Your Business Blogs? Today, i write the correct WordPress SEO plugins you’ll be well on your way to getting your blog in search results.

This is a detailed list of all the WordPress SEO plugins and a description on how they’ll help optimize your blog. Some of these WordPress SEO plugins might do the same actions as another plugin, so you should review the description for each one to determine which one would be best for your blog.

12 WordPress SEO Plugins List:

  1. All in One SEO Pack – This is probably the most important WordPress SEO plugin you could get for your blog. This plugin allows you to set a specific title tag, meta description and meta keywords per post. You can also change the title for your categories, pages, etc. You also have the option to use the robots meta tag on specific sections you don’t want indexed by search engines. 
  2. SEO Friendly Images – This is an excellent plugin if your blog has a lot of images on it. This plugin will automatically update all your images alt attributes and title attributes if they are not already set. This is a great time saver and can help provide more organic traffic via Google Image Search. 
  3. Category Base Killer – This is my favorite WordPress SEO plugin and I’ve never created a blog without using it. This plugin actually removes the /category/ section in your permalinks. This is a optimal search engine optimization move since your removing a useless section of your URL structure. Make sure to read the instructions properly on how to implement this WordPress SEO plugin. 
  4. Paginated Comments – This WordPress SEO plugin breaks down your comments into search engine optimized pages. You can set a title tag for each page of comments, including the meta description and keyword tags. You can do this by size and number of the comments. Any blog that receives a lot of comments should be using this WordPress SEO plugin. 
  5. NoFollow Case by Case – This is a SEO plugin for those who want to control which links and comments receive a nofollow attribute and which ones don’t. This is more geared towards Pagerank but has some usability when it comes to WordPress search engine optimization. 
  6. WordPress Reciprocal Links – This WordPress SEO Plugin is a great way to manage your reciprocal links, or link exchanges on a specific page on your WordPress blog. This is a great way to build backlinks to your blog and also increase the resources available to your readers. 
  7. Yet Another Relevant Post Plugin – This is another favorite WordPress SEO plugin of mine. This allows you to inject relevant posts automatically at the end of your blog posts, which is create for internal linking structure. This is the most advanced WordPress SEO plugin hat can do this. It uses a measuring system of relevancy so you can alter how relevant each post displayed will be and among how many will be displayed. 
  8. Google XML Sitemaps – This WordPress SEO plugin automatically generates a valid XML sitemap of your blog. You can set specifics like priorities for different sections, update times and more. Out of the many different WordPress SEO plugins for Sitemaps this is the most advanced one, however others might fit your blog better. 
  9. Google Analyticator – This WordPress SEO plugin is a great way to add your Google Analytics code to all your blog pages. This allows you to monitor the progress of organic traffic via Google Analytics and see where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing when they arrive at your blog. 
  10. KB Robots.txt – This plugin is great for WordPress SEO, it allows you to control and edit your robots.txt file via the WordPress administration sections. This prevents you from having to ftp in and out of your web hosting account each time you want to make an update. 
  11. Sociable – This is my favorite social bookmarking WordPress SEO plugin when it comes to marketing via social bookmarks. You’ll find tons of these plugins; however I like the easy setup and usage of this specific one. In terms of SEO and marketing this one will succeed where others I feel will fail. 
  12. Google SERP Checking Plugin – This is a must have WordPress SEO Plugin, it allows you to view current search engine results positions for whatever keyword or keyword phrases you want saving you time when checking where your blog or posts are current at in SERPs.

New Added: Scribe SEO wordpress plugin – Scribe is an SEO software service for WordPress – think of it as a content optimization assistant – that analyzes web pages, blog posts, and online press releases at the click of a button. Scribe instructs web writers of any kind how to tweak their content to get more search engine traffic, all while maintaining quality reader-focused copy. If like and checkout scribe SEO, feel free use Scribe SEO Promo Code, save 50% off!



The above WordPress SEO plugins are not the only ones available for WordPress, however I usually stick with these and avoid all the other ones, you can over do your search engine optimization. If you really feel another WordPress SEO plugin should be listed you can leave a reply here and I’ll add it in.




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