Blog Alexa Rank Updated 16-9-08

Yeah ! The Alexa Rank update again, I remember the last time Alexa Rank update, my blog’s Alexa Rank was 954,580 . This morning , when i open my blog-webaboutmoney. .. My Alexa Rank record on Alexa widget was 510,178 now ! I find that: my blog’s Alexa Rank is improve after tow weeks. There is an improvement about 400,000 in 2 weks! 🙂 Happy! How good news for me!

It’s a new rank for me again, You know I have achieve my target yet! Did you check your Alexa Rank and paste your Alexa Rank widget ? I do write a tutorial for add Alexa Rank widgets to your blog . The same word again, keep blogging, your rank can be improved in short time too !!


  1. Wow! I never look at mine. I’m up to 230,794 now. Like PageRank, it’s not a terribly meaningful stat, but it is great recognition that you’re doing something right. Congratulations!