Fourth generation of iPod Nano

Fourth generation update iPod nano uses the tall and slender design, uses the aluminum system outer covering. Some 9 kind of colors may elect, the capacity has 8GB and the 16GB two kinds. This is also the Apple Company until now the thinnest iPod product. This machine built-in acceleration sensor, but the sensation places the direction or the movement. When fuselage horizontal music broadcast contact surface will immediately cut the CoverFlow phonograph record title page browsing pattern. What is more interesting, will sway the fuselage automatically gently, nano stochastically will cut the next song. The new machine user interface has also made the improvement, supports glances over according to the phonograph record or the singer, battery continue voyage ability broadcasts for 24 hours for music, the video frequency broadcasts for 4 hours. New nano altogether has the silver, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, the orange, red (Procduct the Red charitable product), the powder 9 kind of colors, 8GB version selling price 149 US dollars, 16GB version selling price 199 US dollars.

New style ipod the nano appearing on the market, I admire already the long east east, the plan buys one to replace lets I very disappointed M3. However I felt that the third generation chubby appearance as if is more lovable a spot.