iPhone Nano is a Reality?

Like the iPhone but kind of miss how phones like the Motorola Razr felt in your pocket? There may be some relief on the way in the form of an iPhone Nano. But nothing is for certain yet, of course. Apple is pretty good at this kind of stuff.

But their partners aren’t so secretive. Apple accessory maker Digital Lifestyle Outfitters has apparently been working on an iPhone Nano dock since the first rumors of a nano surfaced back in 2006. Of course, they applied for a patent and it was published this spring, showing the specs of a supposed iPhone Nano dock.

The specs show a device the same size as the iPhone nano with–gasp–numbers on it. It has a similar design to the iPod video Nano , but that may just be a basic template.

If it does arrive, it won’t be until Christmas or early next year. Don’t hold your breath–a dock does not a real phone make.

But, as MacNN says, why else patent an iPhone Nano dock if the real thing wasn’t going to be produced? Why indeed…

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