Yahoo Buzz Is Open To The Public

Yahoo’s one item to be similar to the Digg new service: Yahoo Buzz, Now Is Open To The Public. It’s a Digg Like site. But Yahoo Buzz is different from Digg.




The user may the button which inserts through the page or directly in Yahoo! Buzz website for specific news voting. This point and Digg are similar, a news obtains the voting are more, in Yahoo! The Buzz place is also higher. However, the voting is not determines the news quality the only factor. Yahoo will also unify search engine’s real-time record, determined that popular or significant subject, will obtain the high place with this subject related news.

Yahoo! Buzz will provide one item to make the distributor excited function, this website most popular some news will appear in the Yahoo main page. Yahoo has promoted an experimental plan last year, starts to provide the third party news directly in own website the link. According to Yahoo! The Buzz team said that when “Segment” an article appears after the Yahoo home page, the merely two hours, “Segment” the website visitor increased 200 ten thousand people. From now henceforth, every day will have two to three from Yahoo! The Buzz news appears in the Yahoo home page .

Yahoo Buzz has many channels, including entertainment, world news, American news, sports, trade, health and traveling. In addition, the picture and the video frequency are also the independent channels. Moreover Yahoo Buzz determined that which news appear in the remarkable position are through vote by the user with the Yahoo! search engine’s correlation data decision. It also has a Buzz Widgets.The preview will update dynamically.

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