Blog Action Day 08 Started

Starts from 2007, every year’s on October 15 is decided as Blog Action Day, namely blog motion date. This activity through the summons world’s blog, carries on the discussion to the identical topic, contributes a strength, causes the people to the common topic attention. in 2007 the blog motion date’s subject is “the environmental protection”; in 2008 the blog motion date’s subject had determined at present also: “eliminating poverty”.

Blog Action Day 08 has started and we are all encouraged to participate this noble cause. Bloggers, Podcasters, Videocasters can make a change in the society. We can make a difference by posting this years theme of about poverty. We can either make our readers aware about the current issues of poverty, can either donate a days earning for poverty or to promote this Blog Action day drive through word of mouth or by blogging about it.

Everybody is welcome to join, this is a mass participation project. The more participants, the more the awareness we can create. Last year’s theme was about the environment and it was a huge success, it was joined by over 20,000 participants and we are hoping for a huge participation this time.

15 of the world’s 100 most popular blogs according to have agreed to participate in Blog Action Day this year, including:,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,

Get involved on October 15 2008, we are one.