Hot Tips for Successful Blogging

You know , a good blog always have lots of hot tips, here a some of my:

Write Quality Content

Writing quality content plays a significant role in terms of search engine ranking and traffic and nothing can replace quality content. If you write duplicate content then it turns your users Off besides degrading your rank in the search engine listings. Spend some time in making drafts to do a killer post. This will make your blog an authority on that subject and people start making links to it as you have valuable content.

Join forums

Join forums related to the website you are building. Reading various discussions made by people in the forum threads will help you to analyze and understand user opinions regarding the topic. Leave your opinion and a relevant link if possible as a reply, this can be one of the effective ways to drive users to your site.

Be Consistent

Your visitors might be turned off if you don’t blog consistently. Usually, one blog post per day is good but it depends on what topic you blog about.

Hot Tip – Never told

Append your previous blog posts with updates

Append old blog posts with updates and relevant links. This will boost your search engine ranking periodically when a deep crawl is done. Don’t forget to inform visitors about the updated blog posts.

Highlight Keywords

Usually people skim through content and read lines only which interest them the most. Highlight keywords to grad attention of users and always respect the source and mention the link if any.

Alt Tags

Adding description to the images uploaded on the blog will help you gain traffic when people search for images in services like ‘ Google Image Search’

Read other blogs related to the topic of your interest

This helps you to know opinions of other authors/bloggers. You can form a converged conclusion from the varied opinions of other people. Maintain good relationships with your fellow bloggers. Keep track of their updates, leave suitable comments and track their reactions.

Provide alternate subscription services for your visitors

Users don’t have to type in the URL and check out for updates everytime , informing updates via emails with services like feedburner , feedblitz makes the job simpler for users.

The Dsine matters

Theme up your blog according to the content you publish and choose suitable Ad formats to match your site ( if any ).

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