A Brief Introduction Of Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang (born July 13, 1983) is a Chinese hurdling athlete and Olympic gold medalist who holds the current world record in the 110 metres hurdles with a time of 12.88 seconds.

Fourth place of the men’s 110m hurdles at 2000 World Junior Championships. In 2002, Liu launched his professional career by winning his first IAAF Grand Prix in Lausanne with a World Junior and Asian record time of 13.12 seconds (+1.6 m/s tail wind) in the 110 metres hurdles. Afterward, Liu chased down one of his heroes Allen Johnson, then the world number 1 sprint hurdler, for an autograph. When interviewed about the Athens Olympic Games two years later, Liu said he would be satisfied if he qualified for the finals.

Liu is also the world junior indoor record holder in the 60m Hurdles with a time of 7.55s. While enroute to a longer race Liu also set the world junior indoor record in the 50m Hurdles with a time of 6.52s. These records are not officially recognized by the IAAF.

Liu set a new world record in the 110 metres hurdles, at the Super Grand Prix in Lausanne on July 11, 2006, with a time of 12.88 seconds (+1.1 m/s tail wind). The record was ratified by the IAAF. In the same race, the American Dominique Arnold also beat the previous record with a time of 12.90s.

Why you admire him
Liu Xiang is the best athlete here. He is so fast that everyone else is just coming to fight for the silver
In Asia, there are no challengers. he is the second best in the area.

Another. The Beijing 2008 Olympics Games of the 110 metres hurdles, will open on 18/September. Wish he win the Gold.

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