The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic Will Lands The Chinese Market

Lands the Chinese market successively take music as the important design element’s Nokia XpressMusic music terminal in this week and at the beginning of September. First batch lands the Chinese market the Xpress product including Nokia 5220 XpressMusic and 5320 XpressMusic, Nokia indicated that these two model of products “the economy will be suitable” plays the family for the handset to provide a series of musics and the entertainment experiences, and expanded the XpressMusic music product line which once more Nokia grows unceasingly.

Something about the 5320 XpressMusic:

  1. The First Movement: Lest anyone thinks that the 5320 XpressMusic is merely a rehash of its predecessor, there are quite a few changes on this device. The 5320 XpressMusic sees a slight increase in its weight and dimensions, raised up to 90g and with a slightly thicker profile of 15mm (71g and 9.9mm previously). The distinct multimedia keys are now situated dead smack (and less accessible) on the left side, unlike the 5310 XpressMusic’s positioning of those keys just to the left of your screen. Navigation-wise, the 5320 XpressMusic also suffers a slight dip in performance. Without the slightly raised design as seen on the 5310 XpressMusic, key input tends to get a little frustrating. The Call and End buttons aren’t as well placed too, being sandwiched in between the Menu, Clear and the five-way navigation keypad. 
  2. The Second Movement: The 5320 XpressMusic gets an interface overhaul and is now powered by the S60 OS instead of the 5310 XpressMusic’s earlier S40 interface. Interface flexibility is apparent, since you are able to switch amongst four different styles: the default minimalist interface with just four main shortcuts placed at the bottom, a vertical-esque sidebar, the standard interface that is on most S60 devices and finally a clean and clear interface
  3. The third Moement: Nokia 5320 XpressMusic also has N-Gage to play the special-purpose key, may bring the splendid panoram game for the user to experience. Nokia 5320 XpressMusic embarks the S60 platform, the good extension enables the user to be possible to download and to use several thousand kind of new applications beside the built-in handset application.

InterfaceAesthetically speaking, the 5320 XpressMusic won’t be an attention grabbing device with its bland candybar form factor. And to top it off, the less than appealing numeric keypad and the slightly larger profile might throw some consumers off its scent.


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