Make Money Online With Performancing Ads

If you have a blog or a website, you can place some ad panels on youe site to make money. You can use Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network , BackLinks. linkadages, Teliad, SponsoredReviews, LinkWorth,  BuyBlogReviews,  and so on. Now I will introduce you a great new advertiser and publisher network, an online ads service provider, Performancing Ads.

Performancing Ads is managed by SplashPress Media. We know that 125×125 ads are the most popular on blogs today. Performancing Ads is right the best provider of these 125×125 ad panels.

As a publisher, you can sell ads here. As a advertiser, you can buy ads here. Besides, you can exchange ads here.

Firstly, you register via the links (Publisher, Advertiser). You can choose your Primary Role as a publisher or an advertiser.

After that, you need add a site. You fill in the site name, site URL, site description, site tags, site categories.

Then you need add a Region. Regions define where ads will appear on your site. You should create a different region for each different location. Advertisers will pay more for regions that are located closer to the top of the page. You give your region a name. You define the ads across and down and price per ad per week. You can check “No Follow”. You can configure some filters and margin between ads. Then an ad region is created.

Now you can install a plugin for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Stand Alone. Then your ad is in market for sell. If some advertiser is interested in your ad panel, he or she can check your ad details. If he or she feel it is good, he can book it. Then your ad is sold.

As for an advertiser, he or she can puchase ads here easily.

Anyway, don’t forget that you can make money online by Performancing Ads.


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  2. Placing ads on your website or blog only works if you know how to market your site. Low traffic means low click thrus. It would be good if you could write another article about how to market your site to increase the money you earn from Adsense.

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    webabouts last blog post..Make Money Online With Performancing Ads

  4. You are welcome!

    webabouts last blog post..Make Money Online With Performancing Ads


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