Movies-Cowboy Bebop

Introduction: Alone and Shi Paike are drive the airship “BEBOP” take to apprehend the fleeing criminal in the universe to obtain the bonus as the fresh monetary reward hunter. In the pairs person’s knew in interspace journey has carried the great debt the Philippines and the computer child prodigy loves Germany, because and adopted had the high intelligence quotient data dog to love. Henceforth, a four people of dog loafs in the broad universe, and in other people’s life is experiencing all sorts of vicissitudes of life in oneself, was also seeking for respective past …… the extremely rich charm role, the personalized language, splendid, compact did not lose the exquisite touching plot as well as makes dubbing in music which one wallowed, caused to make into the calendar long more new high-quality goods. Manufactures the excellent picture and character’s smooth movement, also has manifested the very high manufacture standard. the work eliminated the body language which the exaggeration distorts, the fining succinct dialog and contains, but the rich profound meaning’s plot, caused it to use exaggerating the expression means that in the middle of the color gorgeous plot current fad animation work to demonstrate the outstanding quality numerously. But the villous themeda wild ocean says the table to dub in music is splendidly with difficulty improves on perfection for it.

Direction:  Original:矢立肇
   Surveillance :渡辺信一郎


Area: Japanese language: Japanese

moive Description:
It’s just another day when they are after a bounty on Mars, when a strange event unfolds. After a devastating explosion on a highway an unknown disease begins to spread among the people.The situation gets really disastrous when the disease claims over 500 victims. As the local government sets the highest bounty ever in the history on the head of the culprit it’s time for Spike and friends to enter the action.But there’s a little problem: the man they search for is someone who’s already dead.This movie takes place between episodes 22 and 23 of the TV series.Format – Bi-Lingual128 minutes

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