BlogUpp! Add New Various Sizes And Layouts

Today, When i come to BlogUpp. I find than BlogUpp had announced that from the BlogUpp! widget may be used in various sizes and layouts.

They are add two new Various Sizes And Layouts. there becomes visible the one-click option to choose between:
Vertical layout (default), which fits in the sidebars of most blog templates;
Horizontal layout, for wider sidebars;
1-blog widget, showing only 1 blog at a time.

But now, about the 10:9 sharing, there are some differences between 1-blog widget and 2-blog widget .

1-blog widget:for each 10 blogs displayed in the widget, the blog automatically obtains 9 views for its promotion within the community.

2-blog widget (vertical or horizontal):the views the blog obtains double for the same number of readers.

Not less important to know is the following:
• Having more than one widget in a blog, won’t affect the number of impressions the blog accumulates or shares actually;
• Altering manually the size of the widget is not recommended, as it’ll be treated as gaming the system;
• Placing the widget too low (i.e. close to the footer) will result in either the blog not being approved, or the overall results being less favorable.

The only thing that needs to be done in case of previously submitted blogs, is to re-enter the blog address at, choose the desired customization option, and get the renewed code to replace the previous one in the blog.