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Want to make money online by blogging is evreyone’s dream, I find a new company called that pays you write reviews about your ad. It is a new service, If you are looking for more opportunities to make money online, you much join them.

About is brought to you by online entrepreneurs in the advertising industry since 2000. Serving clients around the globe gives the staff behind the expertise and credibility to provide innovative services that stand out from the competition., buy and sell blog reviews, monetize your blog, get paid blogging, advertisers and bloggers can send messages to each other allowing both parties to discuss prices and requirements. Bloggers have the chance go get more information directly from the advertisers about their products and services, significantly decreasing rejected posts.

How to start?

First, create a free account with It requires your name, your email address and a PayPal Email address.


How to register a Blog?

You can register your blog from the “Manage Blogs” section of your blogger’s account . Be careful about choosing the right blog category. Within 72 hrs they will review your blog and will inform you about the approval. They only require you to have a blog with unique content and a valid pagerank. Your blog content must not contain any kind of illegal, porn or hate material.

How to bid on any opportunities?

From the “Find Opportunities” section, you can bid for opportunities. Every opportunity has a details page that tells you about the requirements and budget. You can only bid on opportunities in category under which you have registered your blog. For example, if you have registered your blog under advertising category, then you can only bid on opportunities that accepts blogs related to advertising. Some opportunities accepts blogs from multiple categories. Check if your blog falls under one of those categories and make a bid. For an example, if the maximum bid says $50, you can bid for an amount within $1 – $50 for the review. A higher bid will make you more money if your bid was approved, but will slim down your chances of getting approved if too many bloggers are going to review the service at a lower bid. And it works the other way around as well. So, make sure that you find your balance. Once your bid is accepted by the advertiser, you have to complete the review within 7 days.

What about the payouts? pays you 70% from each review! They keeps 30% as their commission. For example, if you have completed a $10 opportunity, they will pay you $7. This is a good payout rate, compared to the present industry average. Payment is currently through PayPal, with other payment methods to be introduced soon. Create your FREE PayPal account today (the preferred method of payment for most review sites).

Any affiliate program? have a nice affiliate program that you can use to refer both bloggers and advertisers. They pays 15% of total money spent on first transaction of advertisers or bloggers. For example, if you refer an Advertiser and if he purchases reviews worth $500, will pay you $75. And if you refer a Blogger and when he gets his first order they will pay you 15% of the money spent. So, their affiliate program is a good way to earn money online!

Join BuyBlogReviews and make money online


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