Congratulations! webabout got accepted into Google AdSense

Yestoday, Google adsense give me a email, My blog webaboutmoney got accepted into adSense program.

 Congratulations! Google accepted you in the AdSense program. Now you have to set up your ads and start making some money. Before learning how to do this, remember the following:

You can display ads on any site you want from now on. Once you got accepted, you are an AdSense publisher and there is no need to ask for approval to display ads on other websites than the one you submitted with your initial application.

How happy I am! Because I before has applied two times with my chinese blog Loveblogearn, all rejected. Now I use my webabout to appliy, use tow day time , Google adsense accepted me! good luck with me!


  1. Congratulations. I applied for Adsense quite early so had no problem.