Beijing of China

Beijing beijing(Chinese 北京 Běijīng) is the capital of the most populous country in the world, the People’s Republic of China.  It was also the seat of the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors until the formation of a republic in 1911. As such it is rich in historical sites and important government institutions. As a Chinese it is honor for me to guaid you an exciting Beijing Vacation. Of course every earthman knows that Beijing will be hosting the Summer Olympics on September 8-24, 2008. It is also a worldwide festival, hope you will all enjoy the trip in Beijing. 

Beijing is well known for its flatness and regular construction. There is only one hill to be found in the city limits (in Jingshan Park to the north of the famous Forbidden City). Like the configuration of the Forbidden City, Beijing has concentric “ring roads”, which are actually rectangular, that go around the metropolis.


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