Firefox 3.0 download a world record

According to the Spread Firefox Download Day reports, Mozilla Firefox planning within 24 hours of Firefox 3.0 software download the highest number of Guinness Book of World Records was an unprecedented success, according to data provided by the Mozilla, Firefox 3.0 within 24 hours to more than 8 million The download times. This is Firefox for a long time to download a single day since one of the largest.

According to Mozilla’s report shows that in the early morning – on the 18th to download Firefox 3.0 released the first few hours after, the average per minute, 14,000 people during download. The actual number of downloading software download in the previous commitments on the basis of the number doubled to soar and 5 million copies of the original objectives have been downloaded in advance about nine and a half hours have been achieved.

It is understood that the new world record, in accordance with the relevant processes can be the “Guinness Book of World Records” certified organizations, the certification process may take a few days.

— Up at 8:00 on the 19th, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 has been downloaded more than 9.5 million times, China has more than 180,000 times the download. According to relevant reports, in October 2006 issued the first day of Firefox 2.0, within 24 hours of the actual download about 200 million.