Think Keyphrase To Find Keyword

I think we are all thinking in terms of keywords? Keywords are so 20th century. People looking for my company, me or the types of services I offer are searching differently. One and two-word searches were once common but I’m seeing a trend toward more specific search terms when I review my Google Analytics. Here are some recent searches that drove traffic to my site:

– advertising presentation for a leading bank

– corporate pr flash animation

– creative advertising white paper

– creative logo development team

– pr that works charlotte, nc

– creative advertising agency

– advertising agencies in huntersville, nc

– surveys on consumer behavior and media

– 5 key elements to creative thinking

As you can see, marketers are becoming more savvy in their searching. So, we must become more savvy in our copywriting and keyword and keyphrase development. Have you noticed this trend in your keywords? Wade into the conversation.