Build a Site With The Search Engine Friendly

Making sure your investment is search engine friendly isn’t an option, it’s a necessity! If someone’s blog is not friendly with the Search Engine, I think he couldn’t get traffic. Or more traffic. So his blog can’t be a good blog!

  1. Can I control the page TITLE ELEMENT on all pages?
    Title elements are a key aspect of SEO
  2. Can I control the page META DESCRIPTION ELEMENT on every page?
    Again, these are powerful tools in the SEO armoury
  3. Can I control META KEYWORDS ELEMENTS on all pages
    Although not important any more  they shouldn’t be ignored
  4. Can I create well tagged and formatted pages using HTML H ELEMENTS?
    The way pages are constructed and tagged helps search engines understand them
  5. Can I control the URL’s of my pages?
    Page URL’s should be simple, human readable and contain keywords
  6. Will the system create an XML sitemap I can feed into Google etc?
    Decent systems create these automatically and they help the engines find your pages ,WordPress blogger, we can use the plugin of  Google Sitemap Generator Plugin.
  7. Can I add site wide code such as Google Analytics with the minimum of fuss?
    The last thing you want to do is edit 2000 pages by hand!

If your site ticks all these boxes you are going to make life a lot simpler for your self as you get to work on the labour intensive task of creating a successful website.


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