8 products of web2.0

Want to understand WEB2.0, First,looks at WEB history. World Wide Web, is called WWW .If you dont know what is the web2.0, you could read “what is the Web2.0part 1 and part 2“,I think you can know it.

Web2.0 is take websites and so on Flickr, 43Things.com as representative, take social software’s and so on Blog, TAG, SNS, RSS, wiki applications as the core, rests on the Internet new generation pattern which six degrees separations, xml, ajax and so on new theory and the technology realize.”

Blog— blog/net will: The Blog full name should be Web log, afterward the abbreviation was Blog. Blog is the website which easy to use, you may in the rapid issue idea, exchanges in activities with other people. All these are free.
RSS— stand abstract: RSS is the stand uses for with other stands between to share the content one simple way (also calls polymerization content) the technology. At first comes from the browser “the news channel” the technology, usually uses in now the news and other according to the arranged in order website, for example Blog. you could sub my RSS here.
Wiki–More than one kind of people cooperate writing tool. The Wiki stand may have the multi-people (even any visitor) to maintain, each people may express own opinion, or carries on the expansion or the discussion to the common subject .
SNS— society network: Social Network Sofwaret, the social network software, rests on six degrees theories, knew that the friend the friend is a foundation, expands own personal connection.
P2P— coordinated networking: P2P is the peer-to-peer abbreviation, peer has “(status, ability in English and so on) the coordinate”, “the colleague” and “the partner” and so on significances. As the matter stands, P2P may also understand is “the partner to the partner”, “point-to-point” the meaning, or is called the coordinated networking. At present the people thought it in strengthens in the network aspects and so on person’s exchange, document exchange, distribution computation to have the future greatly.
IM— immediate communication: The immediate communication (Instant Messenger, was called IM) the software to be possible saying that was the present our country accesses the net the user utilization ratio highest software. Chats has been one which of major activities the web cams access the net, on-line chats the main vehicle already from the initial period chatroom, the forum became take MSN, QQ as representative’s immediate communication software.
https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/digg_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/reddit_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/stumbleupon_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/delicious_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/furl_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/newsvine_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/technorati_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/google_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/myspace_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/facebook_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/yahoobuzz_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/mixx_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/twitter_32.png https://webabout.org/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/meneame_32.png