So dynamic desktop wallpaper software

We know that the Windows Vista operating system can use the tool Dreamscene, the video screen saver or desktop background as a dynamic, but so far most people still use Windows XP, then XP, is there any way to do so below it? The answer is so. Find “free” high quality 3D animated video wallpapers […]

AbiWord Free Word-Processing Program

AbiWord is a free and fast full-featured word-processor, and has attracted a lot of attention. Interface with MS Word’s very similar to it in many of the Unix and Windows operating platforms in use (with a number of different versions of the platform). It features small size, but large, well suited to deal with instruments, […]

Remote Monitoring-Symantec pcAnywhere v12.5

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 is the world’s leading remote control solution. Take advantage of this solution, users can quickly and effectively manage computer technical support to resolve problems with remote devices to connect more simple and more secure. New features include smart card authentication and local support for the white board, while continuing to enable remote […]