About me:

My name is Sunjie – I am a university undergraduate, graduate of  Zhejiang Forestry Universtiy ,  Machine design manufacture and automated specialty. I like blogging online and like make friends, But i like the “Money” most.

I start blogging online is on Sep, 15th. 2007. The first i bluiding up a BBS blog. Because i newer. I know nothing how to write and get traffic. After half year of study, On April of 2008 I set up own hosting blog with WordPress. How is is great, the blog name is  WEB ABOUT .org an English Blog. Tt is you are reading now!

About blog: Webabout.org

OK now, I start to write about many topics on this blog, Mean relating to WordPress blogging, WordPress Themes( free and premium wordPress themes………) , Blogging-tips(get traffic, get rank, get alexa……) , Software( Computer softwares, SEO softwares, …..) , Make money Online( CPM, CPC, Sell text links,  Paid Write Programes, Affiliat Market …….) Mobile Hosting  and more.

And now, After two years online blogging, I study how to make money online’s Essence. And get money easy and after leave school, at july i became a  Full-time blogger.

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 My mission is to share knowledge about my idea. My current motto is, “if you never try, you will never succeed”.