Headway Themes Skins, Headway Themes Leafs Addons

The headway themes Marketplace have many addons, such as the Headway Themes Skins. The Headway Themes Skins we can also mean they are Headway child wordpress themes, new designs addons th headway themes. If you don’t know the Headway Theme, first read our Headway Themes review, Buy it use the Headway Themes coupon code to save money.

A Headway Themes Skin is a set of custom style sheets, images and function code which can be packaged up and installed very easily into an existing Headway config. These sets of files will be developed by traditional web designers, packaged up and installed into a Headway install, from the skin configuration options in headway select that skin and a whole new custom look and feel will be given to headway.

Bellow are a collection of all the best addons Headway. Includes Headway Themes Skins, Headway Themes Styles and Headway Themes Leafs!

Headway Themes Skins

Elegant Headway Themes Skin – Elegant is a stylish blue skin perfect for any savvy blogger. Includes: Author bio below each post, Fluid header

Clean Headway Themes Skin – Clean is a clean, easily customizable skin with 6 different color options. Easily choose your style with the style switcher! Fully widgetized footer, Author bio beneath each post

Monochromatic Headway Themes Skin –  A classy modern skin with Fully widgetized footer , Search bar in header , RSS button in header , Customizable Twitter button in the header. You can set your Twitter username in the skin options. Author bio below each post.

Sunday341 Headway Themes Skin

Sunday341 is a clean and elegant Skin, with their use of large images and colourful information boxes. Sunday341 has 9 different colour schemes, 9 different header images and a customizable about box styled to match the active colour scheme.

Work Place Headway Themes Skin

Work Place is a colorful business centric skin with several options allowing you to put your best content forward. Work Place was (and still is) released as a stand-alone WordPress theme by Jason Schuller of Press75, but was recently ported to Headway to be a skin.

Work Place Headway Skin

Work Place

The Work Place skin options panel includes configuration and management for several key display and content customization tasks. Choose which categories you would like to feed the featured carousel at the top to retrieve from, hide or show certain elements in the header that are exclusive to Work Place, and much more.

Headway Themes Leafs

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create forms and track leads in a simple and intuitive way. The Gravity Forms leaf allows you to place a form created by Gravity Forms anywhere on your Headway site. If if you are want to buy the Gravity Forms, Try our Gravity Forms discount code.

Headway Themes Announcement Leaf

Holding a contest? Want to announce a major change? Use the announcement leaf to easily insert important changes on a page. Just add your text and a bright yellow box will inform your readers of your announcement.

Headway Themes YouTube Leaf

Adding a YouTube video can be quite a pain sometimes. The YouTube leaf allows you to simply get the URL of the video you wish to post and the video will appear. Will automatically adjust the size of the video depending on the leaf. It can’t get any more simple than that!

Headway Themes Content Slider

The content slider leaf is perfect for showing off a new product, membership site, a product’s features, or anything else you can think of in a user-friendly and interactive way. The content slider supports up to 5 tabs. All tabs can either have arbitrary code (the content slider will support PHP and HTML) or the content can be fed from individual pages.

Headway Themes Navigation Leaf

The navigation leaf is a simple leaf that allows you to add a navigation menu or navigation bar anywhere on your website. You can set the navigation leaf to display either vertically or horizontally.

We will add more Headway Themes Skins, Headway Leafs and more when headway updated. Notice: You MUST own a Headway personal license or developers’ license before you can use any item in the Headway Themes marketplace. If you do not have a Headway license, you can purchase one by clicking here. Don’t miss the Headway Themes coupon code to save money.

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