Gallery Pro – UpThemes Gallery Style WordPress Theme

Gallery Pro is the ultimate Premium gallery-style WordPress theme from UpThemes, Gallery Pro Theme comes with two color schemes (Available two Styles Dark or Light) and endless options for your blog, gallery, or portfolio.

Gallery Pro

Gallery Pro

Gallery Pro Theme Features:

  • Two Beautiful Color Schemes – In addition to the original Gallery dark theme, there is now a light theme as well, which can be enabled on the Gallery Pro Options page.
  • Alternate Blog Post Template – By popular demand, there is now an alternate blog post template that can be enabled on a per-post basis. Simply edit the post, scroll to the bottom of the edit page, and quickly and easily switch the page template.
  • Simple Video Embedding – Included with the original Gallery theme, the ability to share videos using the Simple Video Embedder plugin from is still here and the videos have been resized to better fit the theme.
  • iPhone Template – Gallery Pro now offers a post template for iPhone-style gallery items. That means you can share your favorite apps or mobile sites with everyone you know!
  • LazyLoad Enabled – JQuery and LazyLoad ensure that you never use more bandwidth than you have to and includes a really neat fade in effect as the user scrolls down the page!
  • Resizable Thumbnails – No longer fixed at 125×125, thumbnail sizes are completely under your control! Just set your desired thumbnail size in the Gallery Pro Options page.
  • Automatic Image Resizing – Gallery Pro now uses TimThumb by Darren Hoyt to resize thumbnails and images within posts. That means all you need to do is upload at least a large image for each post and you’re ready to go. No more manual image resizing/multiple uploads.
  • Image Gallery with Lightbox – Now a built-in feature of Gallery Pro, simply upload full-size images with the default WordPress image uploader and Gallery Pro will automagically add a gallery to your post with a lightbox for large images!


Gallery Pro WordPress Theme Standard$59
Gallery Pro WordPress Theme Develper $99

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