Auction Thumbs – WordPress Ebay Affiliate Revenue Plugin

Auction Thumbs is a premium WordPress Ebay Affiliate Plugin can help you Multiply Your WordPress Blog’s Ebay Affiliate Revenue Stream In Minutes.

Auction Thumbs Review – WordPress Ebay Affiliate Plugin

If you’re running a WordPress blog and using Ebay affiliate programs to make money, some of the offers or deals you’re offering your readers might have a campaign date end. So a WordPress Ebay Affiliate Plugin is perfect for you.

Auction Thumbs is the fastest, most flexible, and coding-free way to add ebay auctions within blog posts and pages. Don’t let your site look like an Ebay shopping cart with the other solutions – Auction Thumbs is the least Ebay Affiliate Revenue Plugin for wordpress.

Auction Thumbs Ebay Affiliate Revenue Plugin

How to use Auction Thumbs – Ebay Affiliate Plugin
Simply activate the Auction Thumbs plugin, enter your eBay campaign code (you can generate one in your eBay Partner Network account), and select where you want to place your ads. The plugin will then display relevant auctions (it matches the tags assigned to your post with eBay’s inventory) and when someone clicks on it, they are taken to that eBay auction. Of course that is only the beginning, as a 7-day cookie is placed in their web browser and you get a percentage of EVERYTHING that person buys during that time. Display thumbnails three ways: blog post footer in a single row, post footer gallery, or in the sidebar – Or use all three!

By default, thumbnails will immediately show up in the footer of every current and archived post on your blog upon activation, but Auction Thumbs plugin comes with a fully configurable admin panel so you can control everything from the WordPress dashboard.

For more information, Visit Auction Thumbs website.

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