Gillette Resource Center Helps MY Friend

Do you know gillette could give us professional information in finding a good job. Many of us know that Gillette is skillful in making the shavings. For example, I am using its shavings now. Yeah, I admit that their products are all very good. But will you believe me if I introduce to you that Gillette has launched the Gillette Career Advantage on In fact, I hear the news from my friend- Alexander.  Last week, he got a job and told me a news that he found the job just with the help of Gillette Resource Center!

It is so hard to find a good job under the influence of financial crisis. So I want to give my congratulations to Alexander here. Then you may wonder how The Gillette Career Advantage which is set up by Gillette Resource Center works. OK now, let me give you a description:

First, it always remind you that you should take care of your first impressions to the employers. For example, being well-groomed is very important in searching for a job.

Second, it offers various kinds of quizzes. With the help of them, you can know more about yourself. I think this is very useful because most people are not succeed in find their interests. Only by knowing ourselves can we be more dedicated to our careers.
Third, you can get professional ideas from the career experts. This is the most valuable I think. The reason is very simple : the experts are all knowledgeable about the HR management. For example, one of their experts – Mark Jeffries, who is known to many people.
Well, there are still many good tips on it.If you want to get more information about it, just consult its website!