Success With WordPress Ebook Download

Success With WordPress covers almost anything about WordPress with a “straight to the essential” style that I enjoyed. It starts with the very basics as such as installing or upgrading WordPress to very advanced concepts like Use WordPress as a CMS or as an online shop. On each chapter, you’ll find a lot of very usefull tips that any WordPress user, even the very experimented ones, will have benefit.

The ebook contains usefull ready to use codes exemples: For exemple, a robots.txt file, an author page template, and a lot of code snippets that you just have to paste to your theme.

With the Success with WordPress eBook, you’ll learn a number of blogging techniques, advanced strategies for optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines, and of course how to properly market your WordPress blog for the most exposure.

Success with WordPress also covers WordPress SEO and blog monetization: Kyle, who earn 2000$ + with his blogs every month, provide great tips and techniques to increase your Adsense earnings, manage your affiliate links and a lot more. Since I read that tips and applied it on my blogs, my adsense earning increased up to 30%

A list of the topics covered in Success With WordPress eBook include:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress
    • Installing WordPress via Fantastico
    • Finding a WordPress Friendly Webhost
    • WordPress Post-Install Checklist
    • Creating a WordPress Sitemap
    • Creating a Robots.txt File
    • Using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Building a Multi-Author WordPress Blog
    • Setting Up Author Permissions
    • Adding Author Information To Your WordPress Blog
    • Building an Author Page
  • Using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)
    • How do I build my CMS?
    • Should I use a Content Management System?
    • Building a WordPress Forum
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips designed specifically for WordPress
    • WordPress Permalink Structure
    • WordPress Post Slug
    • Using the Post Meta Title
    • Using Images + Alt Tags
    • Emphasize Keywords
    • Using Anchor Text
    • Making Your Post Dates Stand Out
    • Standardizing your Backlinks
    • Using Breadcrumbs On Your Blog
    • Controlling Link Juice
  • Building a Niche Blog with WordPress
    • What is a Niche Blog?
    • Niche Blogging Strategy
    • How to Locate a Niche?
    • How to find a niche domain?
    • Finding a WordPress Niche Theme?
    • Completing Your WordPress Niche Blog
  • The other topics covered in great detail in the Success with WordPress eBook include how to maximize CPC Income with Google AdSense and also a number of advanced Affiliate Marketing techniques designed specifically for WordPress users.

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