Free Recommend WordPress Theme – Spring Time

Spring Time Free WordPress theme is an SEO enhanced theme distributed by Blogging for Noobs with most of the SEO, plugin, and advanced features coded by me,  Bradley Hart.  Spring Time Theme is the culmination of a few years fiddling around with different themes for myself and others.  Those Revolution themes are no long available for free nor did they have SEO up to my standards, but proper homage must be paid for solid css work. 


  • WordPress 2.7 Functionality ready for threaded comments
  • Plugin Ready
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Ad Ready
  • Featured Video Ready
  • Full Author Support with Forum
  • Several auxiliary page templates
  • distinct tag.php category.php and author.php (must download profile pic plugin to use)
  • Three widget areas in the sidebar
  • Blank logo file in photoshop and .png

Plugins Currently Coded For:

Special Features:

  • Keywords are attached to Post Slug for improved SEO
  • Tags are transformed into meta keywords
  • Implementation of Google’s new Canonical Link system to avoid duplicate content, no plugin needed.


  • future plugin integration request was made for Smart 404
  • some plugin integration into the functions.php file to reduce errors while editing will be done

See Spring Time Theme in Action  Download:

 Spring Time (101.0 KiB, 74 hits)