Wolfram Alpha Will Challenge Google Seach Engine

American computer scientist: Stephen Wolfram recently said in his blog, research and development  a new type of search engine named “Wolfram Alpha“, the engine may be more intelligent in its search capabilities into Google search engine tremendous competitor. According to foreign media reports, Wolfram at Bowen said in the introduction, the search engine more than 100 technical personnel from the secret research for several years to complete. When that is will challenge the Google Seach Engine.

The working principle of the search engine, Wolfram Alpha said it as an enormous electronic brain, is based on a wealth of knowledge in various fields of human systems, it can make use of specific data and algorithms for the user to answer various questions, and the search engines The result is a specific answer or method, rather than Google, like give a lot of web links, but Wikipedia is not the same as easy as a large database.

It was learned that the search engine will be on line in May of this year. Visit Wolfranaloha.