My SEO Tips To Improve Search Traffic

Some days ago, I buy a new hosting and i have start a new blog: SEO Make Money, It’s talk about SEO INFO, and Make Money information. So today, I write some info about SEO Tips on this blog to let more people now. Also improve traffic to my blog

  1. The sitemap: The sitemap updating issue needs to be fixed immediately and make sure that every time you post something new, the sitemap is rebuilt. Also make sure that the sitemap update results in alerting the Google, Yahoo and MSN bots (via plugin setting)
  2. WordPress SEO plugins used on! Use the ScribeSEO wordpress plugin, makes SEO simple by providing powerful tools for finding the right keywords, optimizing content for search, and building quality links. Checkout ScribeSEO with ScribeSEO Promo code, save money!
  3. RPC Ping settings: Make sure that the ping services are configured properly.
  4. Keywords: Wheelosphere needs to find 4 to 6 very good keywords that will position its contents well on the search engines (a couple of existing keywords are good) In addition, because it is a car and bike niche, there has to be 3-4 hot and specific keywords attached to the home as well based on new car releases (e.g. ‘Mahindra xylo’, ‘yamaha r15’) etc.
  5. Title and description: Needs to change the title, tagline and the meta description to make it more appealing for the humans as well as bots. Derrive the new description and title based on the keywords. It can be something like ‘SEO and Make Money news blogand the tag line can have more detail description which contain main keywords.
  6. Keyword density: Once the keywords are identified they have to be liberally used within the homepage. If you add the ‘categories’ widget and two to three pages with some of the keywords as title, the keyword density will be improved.
  7. Build backlinks: Build backlinks via Yahoo answer, forum participation, blog roll exchanges etc. A PR update is expected this month and you need to act faster. Use your main keyword (which should be part of the title) to comment on blogs. USE Trackback Submitter – Automatic Trackback Software, Get More Backlinks From Blogs for Your Blog)
  8. Posts optimization: Posts on latest news need to be optimized using Google insights and trends as I mentioned in one of the posts a week ago or so. The keywords on these posts need to be really specific .
  9. Web directory: get your site sub to Search engine directory to get more backlinks and traffic.

Other recommendations

The blog’s interaction levels need to be really improved. To attract more comments the top commentator plugin, commentluv etc may be tried. The blogger needs to improve his commenting habit to improve backlinks as well as referral traffic. Referral traffic needs to be further improved via social networks and social media. The blogs of this niche, need to have a lot of post images to keep the content appealing.