AdSense Announces Rich Media Ads – Mixed To Make Money

Earlier today Google AdSense team announced their new type of ads – the expandable rich media ads.

Expandable Rich Media ads are those which display info about the site on a user action, like a click. When clicked the ads show up information which again on a click takes you to the

Well, my first impressions are disappointing. Seriously.

Google comes out once in a while with some crazy product that they know are not going to work out. They like to goof up, they have all rights to. So, I’m ignoring this thing completely.

However, here are my thoughts on the new ads.

1.  Google used to constantly advice webmasters to keep out from using ads on your site that will affect the user experience negatively. ( What are these supposed to be? )

You know once we had (still have) those fancy ads that give us those “dizzy wheel hypnotic animations” that you would accidentally click on a site. This is something more like it and as a user I hate it. (I haven’t tested it so its my guess.)

So I don’t understand why Google takes this “changing stands” business where it now recommends (well, its an opt in service..still) to use a product that once when others launched it were seen as “spam”.

Okay may be this damn good product is really kick ass and totally not anything like the “dizzy wheel” thing we are talking about.

2.  How do you get paid with rich media ads.

As far as I understand from the reviews, you get paid by using the rich media ads only when someone either clicks the ad (CPM) or clicks the ad that pops up and actually visit the site (CPC).

So that means there are two steps the user have to go through before he finds the information and before you get paid.

a ) He has to click on the ad “preview” while it pops up.
b) He has to click on the pop up (not technically the right term, please excuse) and visit the actual advertiser site.

Hmm..that sounds like an interesting case study – Whether the ads will really pay out or not ? At least its not going to work with the popular “AdSense monetized sites” but may be..just may be it will create a new niche to itself. Like the product review sites or so..

So new ideas are always cool. And we have a new one from Google, which is going to be rubbed, smoked and tested in the coming days. May be some of the above comments are immature as I haven’t tested the product yet. But really looking forward to how the rich media ads perform – while not affecting the user experience that is.