iPhone 2.2.1 Firmware for Download

Apple has released a minor update to the iPhone 2.2 firmware which can now be downloaded via iTunes.

The iPhone 2.2.1 firmware brings about a lot of new bug fixes and performance improvements although no significant new features are there to be taken any note of.

It was rumored that iPhone 2.2.1 would introduce a new push notifications and notes sync feature but as the real thing is out now, we don’t need to count on rumors anymore.

Also it is said that Apple may be planning on introducing a Bluetooth filesharing feature in upcoming versions of the iPhone firmware, however no sources have confirmations on this.

Please use the links below to download the firmware directly to your PC or Mac.

Download iPhone 2.2.1 Firmware for 2G

Download iPhone 2.2.1 Firmware for 3G

Once download, connect your iPhone to iTunes and hit the update button while holding the Shift key (in Windows) or Option key (for Mac) and navigate to select the firmware.

Please note to make a backup before the upgrade.